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Στην ακόλουθη ενότητα παρατίθενται οι δημοσιεύσεις που έχουν πραγματοποιηθεί σε πρακτικά διεθνών και εθνικών συνεδρίων, μετά από διαδικασία κρίσεως.

1 Information Technology and Quality Assurance on Higher Education: The case of TEI of Serres
2 False Financial Statements: The Case of Greek Businesses
3 Standards for the Professional Use of Internal Audit
4 Internal Audit and Bank Fraud
5 Internal Audit and Risk Assessment
6 International Banking System. Conceptual Approach, Advantages and Risks
7 Major Studies of Internal Auditing: Greece in Conjunction with Europe
8 Assessment of corporate governance via internal audit
9 Teaching Entrepreneurship at Higher Education in Greece; Pitfalls, Myths, and Reality
10 Analysing Students’ Attitudes Towards the Adoption of E-learning: The Case of Technical Vocational Schools
11 Measuring Content and Usability of Rural Tourism Lodgings Website
12 A Note on M&As and Operating Performance in the Athens Stock Exchange
13 The Monetary Model of Exchange Rate Determination, Thirty Years after Bretton-Woods
14 The Crucial Importance of Accounting in Tourism Business
15 Theoretical Approach in an Internal Control System: A Conceptual Framework and Usability of Internal Audit in Hotel Business
16 A Note on Evaluation of Merger Waves Diachronically and a Proposition for Business Risk Reduction in the New Era
17 Theoretical Background and Case Study Approach of the Differences Between International Accounting (IASs) And Greek GAAP
18 Seasonalities in Stock Markets: the Day of the Week Effect
19 Internal Auditing as a Main Tool For Efficient Risk Assessment
20 Operating Performance, Business Risk and Corporate Mergers: Some Greek Evidence
21 Environmental Auditing; Conceptual Framework and Contribution to the Business Environment
22 Internal Auditing as an Effective Tool For Efficient Risk Management
23 Internal Auditing as an Effective Tool For Corporate Governance
24 Conceptual framework, development trends and future prospects of internal audit: Theoretical approach

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